360° Digital Marketing Solutions

E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing remains a valuable way of digital marketing after a decade. With a majority of online users accessing email which means mailers give surety maximum exposure to prospective clients. We can target your audience as per the condition for promotional emails and track the open rates, clicks and conversions.

  • Attractive email design with proper headline and CTA
  • Optimize landing page for conversion
  • Define target audience
  • Push emails
  • Track open and click through numbers
  • Analyse performance for improvement
  • Better customer engagement
  • Profiled, segmented user base
  • High open rates



Remarketing with email

Emails are a great way to retarget an interested prospect for conversion and also to keep in touch with your existing customers for more business.

  • Acquire subscription through form fill-ups
  • Build newsletter list
  • Design Newsletters and promotional mailers
  • Push mailers
  • Track open list, click list and conversions
  • auto-responders for cross-sell and upsell